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Posted: Friday, March 10, 2017 10:00 AM


Social anxiety or “social phobias” refers to overwhelming feelings of emotional ... A family history of anxiety and/or other mood disorders. ... Managing Social Anxiety/social Phobia isn't easy...


Topics of Treatment in Canada:

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) or Social Phobia Therapy

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Toronto Social anxiety disorder & Agoraphobia usually occurs when there's no pressing threat to a person's safety or security, but the threat feels very real.

Anxiety in general makes a person want to escape the situation really fast. Your heart beats quickly, your body might begin to sweat, and "nerves" in the stomach soon follow.
However, all human experience anxiety…a little bit of anxiety can actually help you stay alert, safe and focused.

Anxiety IN Toronto is really just a form of tension. Anxiety can be experienced in many diverse ways:
• Physically
• Emotionally
• And in perception
Social anxiety disorder & Agoraphobia IN Toronto primarily relates to concern about what might happen — fretting about things going wrong or feeling like you're in some kind of real danger.

As mentioned…anxiety is a natural human reaction, and it serves an important biological function to keep us safe.


What is Social Anxiety Disorder also called social phobia IN Toronto ?

Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, or Agoraphobia encompasses intense fear of certain social situations…especially situations that are unaccustomed or in which you feel you’ll be scrutinized or evaluated by others.

These social situations may be so terrifying that you get anxious by just thinking about them or go to excessive lengths to avoid them.

Motivating social anxiety disorder, Agoraphobia or social phobia is the fear of being analyzed, judged, or humiliated in public. You may be scared that people will think critically of you or that you won’t measure up in contrast to other people.

Even though you undoubtedly realize that your fears of being evaluated are at least somewhat irrational and exaggerated, you still can’t help feeling anxious.

While it may seem like there’s nothing you can do about the signs and triggers of social anxiety disorder Agoraphobia or social phobia, in reality, there are many things that can help you.

Therapy for social anxiety disorder / social phobia
& Agoraphobia:
Of all the specialized treatments available, TLM has been shown to work the best for treating Agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, or social phobia. TLM therapy is based on the idea that what you think affects how you feel, and your feelings affect your behavior.
So if you change Topics:
Is it the way you think about social situations that give you anxiety?

Did you know that developmental social anxiety occurs early in childhood?
When anxiety persists or resurface it can grow into chronic social anxiety.
Social anxiety can be related to shyness or anxiety disorders or Agoraphobia.
Social anxiety include performance anxiety, public speaking anxiety, stage fright, and timid-ness.

Performance anxiety
A sociality
Social isolation
Social inhibition
Public speaking anxiety
Selective mutism
Highly sensitive person
Major depressive disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Stage fright
Social rejection
Social Phobia
Social anxiety disorder

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Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) or Social Phobia

Toronto Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) or Social Phobia

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a common, distressing and frequently disabling condition. Social Anxiety Disorder Toronto (according to the DSM IV) is characterized by:

Fear/Avoidance of social situations
Feared situations avoided or endured with intense anxiety and distress
Fear recognized as excessive or unreasonable
Fear/Avoidance interferes with work, social life, and family activities
More specifically, the persistent fear of social or performance situations in which embarrassment and/or scrutiny by others may occur. Social Anxiety Disorder… Exposure usually provokes an immediate anxiety response, which sometimes can be severe. Many individuals also report with Social Anxiety Disorder experiencing panic attack symptoms as a result of the exposure. In addition to Social Anxiety Disorder, because sufferers become aware that others could possibly notice them experiencing fear, by sweating profusely, blushing or shaking, their avoidance behavior increases. With Social Anxiety Disorder They become hyper-sensitive to not only feeling scared, but to looking scared also.

Most common somatic complaints of Social Anxiety Disorder sufferers are:

1. Blushing
2. Butterflies in stomach
3. Palpitations
4. Stuttering
5. Sweating
6. Trembling and shaking
7. Gastrointestinal problems (IBS)
Another common feature of Social Anxiety Disorder is anticipatory anxiety (worrying every day for several weeks) occurring far in advance of the upcoming social or public event. Consequently, the fear and avoidance behavior significantly impairs the individual's basic life functioning across the board. Social Anxiety Disorder is a highly co-morbid diagnosis, overlapping with depression, substance abuse and other anxiety disorders such as panic disorder and agoraphobia. Age and onset of symptoms typically occur between ages 11-13. Genetic disposition or an inability to metabolize anxiety properly and developmental influences may be early manifestations of a lifelong vulnerability to social anxiety.

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Anne R6M Morden R6W Winkler R7A Brandon Southeast R7B Brandon Southwest R7C Brandon North R7N Dauphin R8A Flin Flon R8N Thompson R9A The Pas E1A Dieppe Moncton East E1B Riverview E1C Moncton Central E1E Moncton West E1G Moncton Northwest E1H Lakeville, Shediac Bridge E1J Coverdale E1N Miramichi South E1V Miramichi North E1W Caraquet E1X Tracadie-Sheila E2A Bathurst E2E Rothesay, Quispamsis E2G Quispamsis E2H Saint John Northeast, Renforth E2J Saint John East E2K Saint John North E2L Saint John Central E2M Saint John West E2N Saint John Lakewood E2P Saint John Red Head E2R Saint John Grandview E2S Saint John Loch Lomond E2V Oromocto E3A Fredericton North E3B Fredericton South New Brunswick Provincial Government E3C Fredericton Southwest, New Maryland E3E Kingsclear E3L St. Stephen E3N Campbellton E3V Edmundston E3Y Grand Falls Northeast E3Z Grand Falls Central E4A Bathurst E4B Minto E4C Youngs Cove E4E Sussex E4G Smiths Creek E4H Hillsborough E4J Salisbury E4K Dorchester E4L Sackville 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Red Bank E9G Neguac E9H Brantville A0A Southeastern Avalon Peninsula (Ferryland) A0B Western Avalon Peninsula (Argentia) A0C Bonavista Peninsula (Bonavista) A0E Burin Peninsula (Marystown) A0G Northeast Newfoundland (Lewisporte) A0H Central Newfoundland (Bishops Falls) A0J Northern Newfoundland (Springdale) A0K Northwest Newfoundland/Eastern Labrador (Mary's Harbour) A0L Western Newfoundland (Lark Harbour) A0M Southwestern Newfoundland (Channel-Port aux Basques) A0N Port au Port Peninsula region (St. George's) A0P Central Labrador (Happy Valley-Goose Bay) A0R North/Western Labrador (Churchill Falls) A1A St. John's North A1B St. John's Northwest Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Government A1C St. John's North Central A1E St. John's Central A1G St. John's South A1H St. John's Southwest A1K Torbay A1L Paradise A1M Portugal Cove-St. Philips A1N Mount Pearl A1S Goulds A1V Gander A1W Manuels A1X Conception Bay A1Y Carbonear A2A Grand Falls A2B Windsor A2H Corner Brook A2N Stephenville A2V Labrador City A5A Clarenville A8A Deer Lake B0C North Victoria County (Dingwall) B0E West Cape Breton Island (Baddeck) B0H Canso region (Havre Boucher) B0J Mainland east shore (Lunenburg) B0K Southern Northumberland Strait (Pictou) B0L Isthmus of Chignecto (River Hébert) B0M Cobequid Bay north shore (Springhill) B0N Hants County (Shubenacadie) B0P Kings County (Kingston) B0R West Lunenburg County (New Germany) B0S West Annapolis County (Middleton) B0T Queens County (Shelburne) B0V Digby Neck (Digby) B0W Southwest Mainland (Weymouth) B1A Glace Bay B1B Port Morien B1C Louisbourg B1E Reserve Mines B1G Dominion B1H New Waterford B1J East Bay B1K Marion Bridge B1L Sydney Southwest B1M Sydney East B1N Sydney North B1P Sydney North Central B1R Sydney West B1S Sydney Central B1T Christmas Island B1V North Sydney North B1W Eskasoni B1X Big Bras d'Or B1Y Alder Point B2A North Sydney South Central B2C Iona B2E Loch Lomond B2G Antigonish B2H New Glasgow B2J Fourchu B2N Truro B2R Waverley B2S Lantz B2T Enfield B2V Dartmouth Morris Lake B2W Dartmouth East Central B2X Dartmouth North Central B2Y Dartmouth South Central B2Z Dartmouth East B3A Dartmouth Southwest B3B Dartmouth Northwest B3E Porters Lake B3G Eastern Passage B3H Halifax Lower Harbour B3J Halifax Mid-Harbour Nova Scotia Provincial Government B3K Halifax Upper Harbour B3L Halifax Central B3M Halifax Bedford Basin B3N Halifax South Central B3P Halifax North West Arm B3R Halifax South B3S Halifax West B3T Lakeside B3V Harrietsfield B3Z Tantallon B4A Bedford Southeast B4B Bedford Northwest B4C Lower Sackville South B4E Lower Sackville West B4G Lower Sackville North B4H Amherst B4N Kentville B4P Wolfville B4R Coldbrook B4V Bridgewater B5A Yarmouth B9A Port Hawkesbury X0E Central Northwest Territories (Inuvik) X0G Southwestern Northwest Territories (Fort Liard) X1A Yellowknife X0A Outer Nunavut (Iqaluit) X0B Central Nunavut (Cambridge Bay) X0C Inner Nunavut (Rankin Inlet) K0A National Capital Region (Almonte) K0B Prescott and Russell United Counties (Alfred) K0C Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry United Counties (Alexandria) K0E South Leeds and Grenville United Counties (Prescott) K0G Rideau Lakes area (Kemptville) K0H Frontenac County, Addington County, Loyalist Shores and Southwest Leeds (Inverary) K0J Renfrew County and Lanark Highlands Township (Deep River) K0K Quinte Shores, East Northumberland County & Prince Edward County (Picton) K0L Peterborough County and North Hastings County (Lakefield) K0M Kawartha lakes and Haliburton County (Bobcaygeon) K1A Government of Canada Ottawa and Gatineau offices K1B Gloucester (Blackburn Hamlet / Pine View) K1C Gloucester (West Orleans) K1E Orleans (Queenswood) K1G Ottawa (Riverview / Hawthorne) K1H Ottawa (Alta Vista) K1J Gloucester (Beacon Hill / Cyrville) K1K Ottawa (Overbrook) K1L Ottawa (Vanier) K1M Ottawa (Rockcliffe Park / New Edinburgh) K1N Ottawa (Lower Town / Sandy Hill / University of Ottawa) K1P Ottawa (Parliament Hill) K1R Ottawa (West Downtown area) K1S Ottawa (The Glebe / Ottawa South / Ottawa East) K1T Gloucester (Blossom Park / Hunt Club East / Leitrim) K1V Ottawa (Riverside Park / Hunt Club West / Riverside South / YOW) K1W Gloucester (South Orleans) K1X Gloucester South K1Y Ottawa West K1Z Ottawa (Westboro) K2A Ottawa (Highland Park / Carlingwood) K2B Ottawa (Britannia / Pinecrest) K2C Ottawa (Queensway / Copeland / Carlington / Carleton Heights) K2E Nepean East K2G Nepean (Davidson Heights) K2H Nepean (Bells Corners) K2J Nepean (Barrhaven) K2K Kanata (Beaverbrook / South March) K2L Kanata (Katimavik-Hazeldean / Glen Cairn) K2M Kanata (Bridlewood) K2P Ottawa (Centre Town) K2R Nepean (Fallowfield Village / Cedarhill Estates / Orchard Estates) K2S Stittsville K2T Kanata (Marchwood) K2V Kanata (Terry Fox / Palladium) K2W Kanata (North March) K4A Orleans (Fallingbrook) K4B Cumberland Township K4C Cumberland K4K Rockland K4M Manotick K4P Greely K4R Russell K6A Hawkesbury K6H Cornwall East K6J Cornwall West K6K Cornwall North K6T Elizabethtown K6V Brockville K7A Smiths Falls K7C Carleton Place K7G Gananoque K7H Perth K7K Kingston (SW Pittsburgh Township) K7L Kingston (Downtown) K7M Kingston (Reddendale / Cataraqui / Collins Bay) K7N Amherstview K7P Kingston (Westbrook / Cataraqui Woods / Cedarwood) K7R Napanee K7S Arnprior K7V Renfrew K8A Pembroke Central and northern subdivisions K8B Pembroke (Pleasant View / Fairview) K8H Petawawa K8N Belleville East K8P Belleville West K8R Belleville (SE Sidney Township / Avondale) K8V Trenton K9A Cobourg K9H Peterborough North K9J Peterborough South K9K Peterborough (Fairbairn Meadows / Jackson Heights) K9L Peterborough (Terra View Heights / Woodland Acres / Donwood) K9V Lindsay L0A West Northumberland County (Millbrook) L0B East Durham Regional Municipality (Orono) L0C West Durham Regional Municipality (Sunderland) L0E Lake Simcoe Southeast Shore (Sutton West) L0G Ontario Centre (Queensville) L0H Whitby Region (Gormley) L0J North Peel Regional Municipality (Kleinburg) L0K Lake Simcoe North Shore (Coldwater) L0L Lake Simcoe West Shore (Oro) L0M Georgian Bay South Shore (Angus) L0N Dufferin County (Shelburne) L0P Halton Regional Municipality (Campbellville) L0R East Haldimand County (Waterdown) L0S Niagara Regional Municipality (Fonthill) L1A Port Hope L1B Bowmanville East L1C Bowmanville West L1E Courtice L1G Oshawa Central L1H Oshawa Southeast L1J Oshawa Southwest L1K Oshawa East L1L Oshawa North L1M Whitby North L1N Whitby Southeast L1P Whitby Southwest L1R Whitby Central L1S Ajax Southwest L1T Ajax Northwest L1V Pickering Southwest L1W Pickering South L1X Pickering Central L1Y Pickering North L1Z Ajax East L2A Fort Erie L2E Niagara Falls Central L2G Niagara Falls Southeast L2H Niagara Falls West L2J Niagara Falls North L2M St. Catharines Northeast L2N St. Catharines Northwest L2P St. Catharines East L2R St. Catharines Central L2S St. Catharines Southwest L2T St. Catharines South L2V St. Catharines Southeast L2W St. Catharines West L3B Welland East L3C Welland West L3K Port Colborne L3M Grimsby L3P Markham Central L3R Markham Outer Southwest L3S Markham Southeast L3T Thornhill East L3V Orillia L3X Newmarket Southwest L3Y Newmarket Northeast L3Z Bradford L4A Stouffville L4B Richmond Hill Southeast L4C Richmond Hill Southwest L4E Richmond Hill North L4G Aurora L4H Woodbridge North L4J Thornhill West L4K Concord L4L Woodbridge South L4M Barrie North L4N Barrie South L4P Keswick L4R Midland L4S Richmond Hill Central L4T Mississauga (Malton) L4V Mississauga (Wildwood) L4W Mississauga (Matheson / East Rathwood) L4X Mississauga (East Applewood / East Dixie / NE Lakeview) L4Y Mississauga (West Applewood / West Dixie / NW Lakeview) L4Z Mississauga (West Rathwood / East Hurontario / SE Gateway) L5A Mississauga (Mississauga Valleys / East Cooksville) L5B Mississauga (West Cooksville / Fairview / City Centre / East Creditview) L5C Mississauga (West Creditview / Mavis / Erindale) L5E Mississauga (Central Lakeview) L5G Mississauga (SW Lakeview / Mineola / East Port Credit) L5H Mississauga (West Port Credit / Lorne Park / East Sheridan) L5J Mississauga (Clarkson / Southdown) L5K Mississauga (West Sheridan) L5L Mississauga (Erin Mills / Western Business Park) L5M Mississauga (Churchill Meadows / Central Erin Mills / South Streetsville) L5N Mississauga (Lisgar / Meadowvale) L5P Mississauga (YYZ) L5R Mississauga (West Hurontario / SW Gateway) L5S Mississauga (Cardiff / NE Gateway) L5T Mississauga (Courtney Park / East Gateway) L5V Mississauga (East Credit) L5W Mississauga (Meadowvale Village / West Gateway) L6A Maple L6B Markham East L6C Markham Northwest L6E Markham Northeast L6G Markham Inner Southwest L6H Oakville North L6J Oakville Northeast L6K Oakville East L6L Oakville South L6M Oakville West L6P Brampton North L6R Brampton Northwest L6S Brampton North Central L6T Brampton East L6V Brampton Central L6W Brampton Southeast L6X Brampton Southwest L6Y Brampton South L6Z Brampton West Central L7A Brampton West L7B King City L7C Caledon L7E Bolton L7G Georgetown L7J Acton L7L Burlington Northeast L7M Burlington North L7N Burlington East L7P Burlington West L7R Burlington Southeast L7S Burlington South L7T Burlington Southwest L8E Hamilton (Confederation Park / Nashdale / East Kentley / Riverdale / Lakely / Grayside / North Stoney Creek) L8G Hamilton (Greenford / North Gershome / West Stoney Creek) L8H Hamilton (West Kentley / McQuesten / Parkview / Hamilton Beach / East Industrial Sector / Normanhurst / Homeside / East Crown Point) L8J Hamilton (East Albion Falls / South Stoney Creek) L8K Hamilton (East Delta / Bartonville / Glenview / Rosedale / Lower King's Forest / Red Hill / Corman / Vincent / South Gershome) L8L Hamilton (West Industrial Sector / West Crown Point / North Stipley / North Gibson / Landsdale / Keith / North End / Beasley) L8M Hamilton (West Delta / Blakeley / South Stipley / South Gibson / St. Clair) L8N Hamilton (Stinson / Corktown) L8P Hamilton (Durand / Kirkendall / Chedoke Park) L8R Hamilton (Central / Strathcona / South Dundurn) L8S Hamilton (Westdale / Cootes Paradise / Ainslie Wood) L8T Hamilton (Sherwood / Huntington / Upper King's Forest / Lisgar / Berrisfield / Hampton Heights / Sunninghill) L8V Hamilton (Raleigh / Macassa / Lawfield / Thorner / Burkholme / Eastmount) L8W Hamilton (West Albion Falls / Hannon / Rymal / Trenholme / Quinndale / Templemead / Broughton / Eleanor / Randall / Rushdale / Butler / East Chappel) L9A Hamilton (Crerar / Bruleville / Hill Park / Inch Park / Centremount / Balfour / Greeningdon / Jerome) L9B Hamilton (Barnstown / West Chappel / Allison / Ryckmans / Mewburn / Sheldon / Falkirk / Carpenter / Kennedy / Southwest Outskirts) L9C Hamilton (Southam / Bonnington / Yeoville / Kernighan / Gourley / Rolston / Buchanan / Mohawk / Westcliffe / Gilbert / Gilkson / Gurnett / Fessenden / Mountview) L9G Ancaster West L9H Dundas L9K Ancaster East L9L Port Perry L9M Penetanguishene L9N Holland Landing L9P Uxbridge L9R Alliston L9S Innisfil L9T Milton L9V Orangeville North L9W Orangeville South L9Y Collingwood L9Z Wasaga Beach M1B Scarborough (Malvern / Rouge River) M1C Scarborough (Rouge Hill / Port Union / Highland Creek) M1E Scarborough (Guildwood / Morningside / Ellesmere) M1G Scarborough (Woburn) M1H Scarborough (Cedarbrae) M1J Scarborough (Eglinton) M1K Scarborough (Kennedy Park / Ionview / East Birchmount Park) M1L Scarborough (The Golden Mile / Clairlea / Oakridge / Birchmount Park East) M1M Scarborough (Cliffside / Cliffcrest / Scarborough Village West) M1N Scarborough (Birch Cliff / Cliffside West) M1P Scarborough (Dorset Park / Wexford Heights / Scarborough Town Centre) M1R Scarborough (Wexford / Maryvale) M1S Scarborough (Agincourt) M1T Scarborough (Clarks Corners / Tam O'Shanter / Sullivan) M1V Scarborough (Milliken / Agincourt North / Steeles East / L'Amoreaux East) M1W Scarborough (Steeles West / L'Amoreaux West) M1X Scarborough (Upper Rouge) M2H North York (Hillcrest Village) M2J North York (Fairview / Henry Farm / Oriole) M2K North York (Bayview Village) M2L North York (York Mills / Silver Hills) M2M Willowdale East (Newtonbrook) M2N Willowdale South M2P North York (York Mills West) M2R Willowdale West M3A North York (York Heights / Victoria Village / Parkway East) M3B Don Mills North M3C Don Mills South (Flemingdon Park) M3H North York (Armour Heights / Wilson Heights / Downsview North) M3J North York (Northwood Park / York University) M3K Downsview East (CFB Toronto) M3L Downsview West M3M Downsview Central M3N North York (Jane and Finch) M4A North York (Sweeney Park / Wigmore Park) M4B East York (Parkview Hill / Woodbine Gardens) M4C East York (Woodbine Heights) M4E East Toronto (The Beaches) M4G East York (Leaside) M4H East York (Thorncliffe Park) M4J East Toronto (The Danforth East) M4K East Toronto (The Danforth West / Riverdale) M4L East Toronto (India Bazaar / The Beaches West) M4M East Toronto (Studio District) M4N Central Toronto (Lawrence Park East) M4P Central Toronto (Davisville North) M4R Central Toronto (North Toronto West) M4S Central Toronto (Davisville) M4T Central Toronto (Moore Park / Summerhill East) M4V Central Toronto (Summerhill West / Rathnelly / South Hill / Forest Hill SE / Deer Park) M4W Downtown Toronto (Rosedale) M4X Downtown Toronto (St. James Town / Cabbagetown) M4Y Downtown Toronto (Church and Wellesley) M5A Downtown Toronto (Regent Park / Port of Toronto) M5B Downtown Toronto (Ryerson) M5C Downtown Toronto (St. James Park) M5E Downtown Toronto (Berczy Park) M5G Downtown Toronto (Central Bay Street) M5H Downtown Toronto (Richmond / Adelaide / King) M5J Downtown Toronto (Harbourfront East / Union Station / Toronto Island) M5K Downtown Toronto (Toronto Dominion Centre / Design Exchange) M5L Downtown Toronto (Commerce Court / Victoria Hotel) M5M North York (Bedford Park / Lawrence Park West / Lawrence Manor East) M5N Central Toronto (Roselawn) M5P Central Toronto (Forest Hill North & West) M5R Central Toronto (The Annex / North Midtown / Yorkville) M5S Downtown Toronto (University of Toronto / Harbord) M5T Downtown Toronto (Kensington Market / Chinatown / Grange Park) M5V Downtown Toronto (CN Tower / King and Spadina / Railway Lands / Harbourfront West / Bathurst Quay / South Niagara / YTZ) M5W Downtown Toronto Stn A PO Boxes 25 The Esplanade (Enclave of M5E) M5X Downtown Toronto (Underground city) M6A North York (Lawrence Manor / Lawrence Heights) M6B North York (Glencairn) M6C York (Cedarvale) M6E York (Fairbank / Oakwood) M6G Downtown Toronto (Christie) M6H West Toronto (Dufferin / Dovercourt Village) M6J West Toronto (Rua Aþores / Trinity) M6K West Toronto (Brockton / Parkdale Village / Exhibition Place) M6L North York (North Park / Maple Leaf Park / Upwood Park) M6M York (Del Ray / Keelsdale / Mount Dennis / Silverthorne) M6N York (Runnymede / The Junction North) M6P West Toronto (High Park / The Junction South) M6R West Toronto (Parkdale / Roncesvalles Village) M6S West Toronto (Bloor West Village / Swansea) M7A Queen's Park Ontario Provincial Government M7Y East Toronto Business Reply Mail Processing Centre 969 Eastern (Enclave of M4L) M8V Etobicoke (New Toronto / Mimico South / Humber Bay Shores) M8W Etobicoke (Alderwood / Long Branch) M8X Etobicoke (The Kingsway / Montgomery Road / Old Mill North) M8Y Etobicoke (Old Mill South / King's Mill Park / Sunnylea / Humber Bay / Mimico NE / The Queensway East / Royal York South East / Kingsway Park South East) M8Z Etobicoke (Mimico NW / The Queensway West / South of Bloor / Kingsway Park South West / Royal York South West) M9A Etobicoke (Islington Avenue) M9B Etobicoke (West Deane Park / Princess Gardens / Martin Grove / Islington / Cloverdale) M9C Etobicoke (Eringate / Bloordale Gardens / Old Burnhamthorpe / Markland Woods) M9L North York (Humber Summit) M9M North York (Humberlea / Emery) M9N Weston M9P Etobicoke (Westmount) M9R Etobicoke (Kingsview Village / St. Phillips / Martin Grove Gardens / Richview Gardens) M9V Etobicoke (South Steeles / Silverstone / Humbergate / Jamestown / Mount Olive / Beaumond Heights / Thistletown / Albion Gardens) M9W Etobicoke Northwest (Clairville / Humberwood / Woodbine Downs / West Humber / Kipling Heights / Rexdale / Elms / Tandridge / Old Rexdale) N0A West Haldimand (Port Dover) N0B Wellington (Elora) N0C Georgian Bay Southwest Shore (Dundalk) N0E Brant and Norfolk (Waterford) N0G Huron (Wingham) N0H Bruce Peninsula (Wiarton) N0J Oxford (Norwich) N0K Perth (Mitchell) N0L Elgin (Dorchester) N0M Middlesex (Clinton) N0N Lambton (Forest) N0P Kent (Blenheim) N0R Essex (Belle River) N1A Dunnville N1C Guelph South N1E Guelph North N1G Guelph Central N1H Guelph Northwest N1K Guelph West N1L Guelph East N1M Fergus N1P Cambridge South N1R Cambridge Central N1S Cambridge Southwest N1T Cambridge East N2A Kitchener East N2B Kitchener Northeast N2C Kitchener South Central N2E Kitchener Southwest N2G Kitchener Central N2H Kitchener North Central N2J Waterloo Southeast N2K Kitchener North N2L Waterloo South N2M Kitchener Northwest N2N Kitchener West N2P Kitchener Southeast N2R Kitchener South N2T Waterloo Southwest N2V Waterloo Northwest N2Z Kincardine N3A Baden N3B Elmira N3C Cambridge Northeast N3E Cambridge Northwest N3H Cambridge West N3L Paris N3P Brantford Northeast N3R Brantford Central N3S Brantford Southeast N3T Brantford Southwest N3V Brantford Northwest N3W Caledonia N3Y Simcoe N4B Delhi N4G Tillsonburg N4K Owen Sound N4L Meaford N4N Hanover N4S Woodstock Central N4T Woodstock North N4V Woodstock South N4W Listowel N4X St. Mary's N4Z Stratford South N5A Stratford North N5C Ingersoll N5H Aylmer N5L Port Stanley N5P St. Thomas North N5R St. Thomas South N5V London (YXU / North and East Argyle / East Huron Heights) N5W London East (SW Argyle / Hamilton Road) N5X London (Fanshawe / Stoneybrook / Stoney Creek / Uplands / East Masonville) N5Y London (West Huron Heights / Carling) N5Z London (Glen Cairn) N6A London North (UWO) N6B London Central N6C London South (East Highland / North White Oaks / North Westminster) N6E London (South White Oaks / Central Westminster / East Longwoods / West Brockley) N6G London (Sunningdale / West Masonville / Medway / NE Hyde Park / East Fox Hollow) N6H London West (Central Hyde Park / Oakridge) N6J London (Southcrest / East Westmount / West Highland) N6K London (Riverbend / Woodhull / North Sharon Creek / Byron / West Westmount) N6L London (East Tempo) N6M London (Jackson / Old Victoria / Bradley / North Highbury) N6N London (South Highbury / Glanworth / East Brockley / SE Westminster) N6P London (Talbot / Lambeth / West Tempo / South Sharon Creek) N7A Goderich N7G Strathroy N7L Chatham Northwest N7M Chatham Southeast N7S Sarnia Central N7T Sarnia Southwest N7V Sarnia Northwest N7W Sarnia Southeast N7X Sarnia Northeast N8A Wallaceburg N8H Leamington N8M Essex N8N Tecumseh Outskirts N8P Windsor (East Riverside) N8R Windsor (East Forest Glade) N8S Windsor (Riverside) N8T Windsor (West Forest Glade / East Fontainbleu) N8V Tecumseh (YQG) N8W Windsor (South Walkerville / West Fontainbleu / Walker Farm / Devonshire) N8X Windsor South Central (West Walkerville / Remington Park) N8Y Windsor East (East Walkerville) N9A Windsor (City Centre / NW Walkerville) N9B Windsor (University / South Cameron) N9C Windsor (Sandwich / Ojibway / West Malden) N9E Windsor South (East Malden) N9G Windsor (Roseland) N9H La Salle East N9J La Salle West N9K Tecumseh Central N9V Amherstburg N9Y Kingsville P0A Nipissing Central (Burk's Falls) P0B Nipissing South (Utterson) P0C Parry Sound Mid-Shore (Bala) P0E Parry Sound South Shore (Kilworthy) P0G Parry Sound North Shore (Nobel) P0H Nipissing North (Callander) P0J Timiskaming South (Temiskaming Shores) P0K Timiskaming North (Iroquois Falls A) P0L Cochrane Region (Hearst) P0M Algoma, Sudbury District and Greater Sudbury (Chelmsford) P0N Timmins Region (South Porcupine) P0P Manitoulin (Little Current) P0R Algoma Southwest (Blind River) P0S Lake Superior East Shore (Wawa) P0T Lake Superior North Shore (Marathon) P0V Northwestern Ontario (Red Lake) P0W Rainy River Region (Emo) P0X Kenora Region (Keewatin) P0Y Lake of the Woods East Shore (Ingolf) P1A North Bay South P1B North Bay Central P1C North Bay North P1H Huntsville P1L Bracebridge P1P Gravenhurst P2A Parry Sound P2B Sturgeon Falls P2N Kirkland Lake P3A Greater Sudbury (New Sudbury) P3B Greater Sudbury (Downtown / Minnow Lake) P3C Greater Sudbury (Gatchell / West End / Little Britain) P3E Greater Sudbury (Robinson / Lockerby) P3G Greater Sudbury (Lo-Ellen / McFarlane Lake) P3L Greater Sudbury (Garson) P3N Greater Sudbury (Val Caron) P3P Greater Sudbury (Hanmer) P3Y Greater Sudbury (Lively) P4N Timmins Southeast P4P Timmins North P4R Timmins West P5A Elliot Lake P5E Espanola P5N Kapuskasing P6A Sault Ste. Marie East P6B Sault Ste. Marie Central P6C Sault Ste. Marie North P7A Thunder Bay Northeast P7B Thunder Bay North Central P7C Thunder Bay Central P7E Thunder Bay South Central P7G Thunder Bay North P7J Thunder Bay South P7K Thunder Bay West P8N Dryden P8T Sioux Lookout P9A Fort Frances P9N Kenora C0A Montague C0B Prince County (Portage) C1A Charlottetown Southeast Prince Edward Island Provincial Government C1B Stratford C1C Charlottetown North C1E Charlottetown West C1N Summerside G0A Capitale-Nationale (Stoneham) G0B Cap-aux-Meules G0C Gaspésie-Sud (New Richmond) G0E Gaspésie-Nord (Grande-Vallée) G0G Côte-Nord/Anticosti (Schefferville) G0H Manicouagan (Baie-Trinité) G0J Gaspésie-Ouest (Causapscal) G0K Bas-St-Laurent- Est (Sainte-Luce) G0L Bas-St-Laurent- Ouest (Trois-Pistoles) G0M Région de Beauce (Saint-Prosper-De- Dorchester) G0N Chaudière-Sud (Disraeli) G0P Centre-du- Québec-Est (Saint-Valère) G0R Appalaches (La Pocatière) G0S Chaudière-Nord (Saint-Joseph- De-Beauce) G0T Le Fjord (Forestville) G0V Saguenay- Lac-St-Jean (Alouette) G0W Région de Mistassini (Chambord) G0X Mauricie (Parent) G0Y L'Erable (Nantes) G0Z Centre-du- Québec-Nord (Daveluyville) G1A Quebec Provincial Government G1B Beauport North G1C Beauport Central G1E Beauport South G1G Jean-Talon Southeast G1H Charlesbourg South G1J Quebec City Lower Riverbank G1K Quebec City Mid-Riverbank G1L Quebec City Northeast G1M Quebec City North Central G1N Quebec City South Central G1P Quebec City West G1R Quebec City East G1S Quebec City South G1T Quebec City Upper Riverbank G1V Sainte-Foy Northeast G1W Sainte-Foy Southeast G1X Sainte-Foy West G1Y Cap-Rouge G2A Loretteville North G2B Loretteville South G2C Quebec City Northwest G2E L'Ancienne- Lorette Northeast G2G L'Ancienne- Lorette Southwest G2J Quebec City Inner North G2K Quebec City Outer North G2L Charlesbourg North G2M Jean-Talon Northeast G2N Jean-Talon West G3A St-Augustin- De-Desmaures G3E Saint-Émile G3G Lac-Saint-Charles G3H Pont-Rouge G3J Val-Bélair North G3K Val-Bélair South G3L Saint-Raymond G3M Donnacona G3Z Baie-Saint-Paul G4A Clermont G4R Sept-Îles Southeast G4S Sept-Îles Northwest G4T Les Îles-De-La- Madeleine G4V Sainte-Anne- Des-Monts G4W Matane G4X Gaspé G4Z Baie-Comeau Northeast G5A La Malbaie G5B Port-Cartier G5C Baie-Comeau Southwest G5H Mont-Joli G5J Amqui G5L Rimouski Central G5M Rimouski Northeast G5N Rimouski Southwest G5R Rivière-du-Loup G5T Degelis G5V Montmagny G5X Beauceville G5Y Saint-Georges Central G5Z Saint-Georges Southeast G6A Saint-Georges Northwest G6B Lac-Megantic G6C Pintendre G6E Sainte-Marie G6G Thetford Mines G6H Black Lake G6J Saint-Etienne- De-Lauzon G6K Saint- Redempteur G6L Plessisville G6P Victoriaville Central G6R Victoriaville South G6S Victoriaville East G6T Victoriaville Northwest G6V Lévis North G6W Lévis South G6X Charny G6Z Saint-Jean- Chrysostome G7A Saint-Nicolas G7B La Baie G7G Chicoutimi North G7H Chicoutimi East G7J Chicoutimi West G7K Chicoutimi Southwest G7N Laterrière G7P Saint-Ambroise G7S Jonquière Northeast G7T Jonquière Southeast G7X Jonquière Central G7Y Jonquière Southwest G7Z Jonquière Northwest G8A Jonquière West G8B Alma Southeast G8C Alma Southwest G8E Alma North G8G Métabetchouan- Lac-a-la-Croix G8H Roberval G8J Saint-Prime G8K Saint-Félicien G8L Dolbeau- Mistassini G8M Albanel G8N Hébertville G8P Chibougamau G8T Cap-de-la- Madeleine Central and southeast G8V Cap-de-la- Madeleine Northeast G8W Cap-de-la- Madeleine West G8Y Trois-Rivières Central G8Z Trois-Rivières Northeast G9A Trois-Rivières East G9B Trois-Rivières South G9C Trois-Rivières West G9H Becancour G9N Shawinigan Central G9P Shawinigan Southeast G9R Shawinigan Northwest G9T Grand-Mère G9X La Tuque H0H Reserved (Santa Claus) H0M Akwesasne Region (Akwesasne) H1A Pointe-Aux-Trembles H1B Montreal East H1C Rivière-des-Prairies Northeast H1E Rivière-Des-Prairies Southwest H1G Montreal North North H1H Montreal North South H1J Anjou West H1K Anjou East H1L Mercier North H1M Mercier West H1N Mercier Southeast H1P Saint-Léonard North H1R Saint-Léonard West H1S Saint-Léonard Southeast H1T Rosemont North H1V Maisonneuve H1W Hochelaga H1X Rosemont Central H1Y Rosemont South H1Z Saint-Michel West H2A Saint-Michel East H2B Ahuntsic North H2C Ahuntsic Central H2E Villeray Northeast H2G Petite-Patrie Northeast H2H Plateau Mont-Royal North H2J Plateau Mont-Royal North Central H2K Centre-Sud North H2L Centre-Sud South H2M Ahuntsic East H2N Ahuntsic Southeast H2P Villeray West H2R Villeray Southeast H2S Petite-Patrie Southwest H2T Plateau Mont-Royal West H2V Outremont H2W Plateau Mont-Royal South Central H2X Plateau Mont-Royal Southeast H2Y Old Montreal H2Z Downtown Montreal Northeast H3A Downtown Montreal North H3B Downtown Montreal East H3C Griffintown (Includes Île Notre-Dame & Île Sainte-Hélène) H3E L'Île-Des-Soeurs H3G Downtown Montreal Southeast H3H Downtown Montreal South & West H3J Petite-Bourgogne H3K Pointe-Saint-Charles H3L Ahuntsic Southwest H3M Cartierville Northeast H3N Parc-Extension H3P Mount Royal North H3R Mount Royal Central H3S Côte-des-Neiges North H3T Côte-des-Neiges Northeast H3V Côte-des-Neiges East H3W Côte-des-Neiges Southwest H3X Hampstead H3Y Westmount West H3Z Westmount East H4A Notre-Dame-de-GrÔce Northeast H4B Notre-Dame-de-GrÔce Southwest H4C Saint-Henri H4E Ville Émard H4G Verdun North H4H Verdun South H4J Cartierville Central H4K Cartierville Southwest H4L Saint-Laurent Inner Northeast H4M Saint-Laurent East H4N Saint-Laurent Outer Northeast H4P Mount Royal South H4R Saint-Laurent Central H4S Saint-Laurent Southwest H4T Saint-Laurent Southeast H4V Côte-Saint-Luc East H4W Côte-Saint-Luc West H4X Montreal West H4Y Dorval Central H4Z Tour de la Bourse H5A Place Bonaventure H5B Place Desjardins H7A Duvernay-Est H7B Saint-Franþois H7C Saint-Vincent-de-Paul H7E Duvernay H7G Pont-Viau H7H Auteuil West H7J Auteuil Northeast H7K Auteuil South H7L Sainte-Rose H7M Vimont H7N Laval-des-Rapides H7P Fabreville H7R Laval-sur-le-Lac H7S Chomedey Northeast H7T Chomedey Northwest H7V Chomedey East H7W Chomedey South H7X Sainte-Dorothée H7Y Îles-Laval H8N LaSalle Northwest H8P LaSalle Southeast H8R Saint-Pierre H8S Lachine East H8T Lachine West H8Y Roxboro H8Z Pierrefonds H9A Dollard-Des- Ormeaux Northwest H9B Dollard-Des- Ormeaux East H9C L'Île Bizard Northeast H9E L'Île-Bizard Southwest H9G Dollard-Des- Ormeaux Southwest H9H Sainte-Geneviève H9J Kirkland H9K Senneville H9P Dorval Outskirts H9R Pointe-Claire H9S L'Île-Dorval H9W Beaconsfield H9X Sainte-Anne-De- Bellevue J0A Centre-du- Québec-Sud (Warwick) J0B Estrie-Est (Stanstead) J0C Centre-du- Québec-Ouest (Saint- Bonaventure) J0E Estrie-Ouest (Fulford) J0G Bois-Francs-Nord (Odanak) J0H Bois-Francs-Sud (Saint-Nazaire- D'Acton) J0J Montérégie-Est (Bedford) J0K Lanaudière-Nord (Saint-Esprit) J0L Montérégie-Nord (Saint-Antoine- Sur-Richelieu) J0M Nunavik (Kuujjuaq) J0N Région d'Oka (Oka) J0P Vaudreuil- Soulanges (Coteau-du-Lac) J0R Lanaudière-Sud (Prévost) J0S Montérégie- Ouest (Saint-Anicet) J0T Laurentides-Nord (Montcalm) J0V Laurentides-Sud (Chénéville) J0W Outaouais-Nord (Ferme-Neuve) J0X Outaouais-Sud (Thurso) J0Y Abitibi- Témiscamingue- Est (Radisson) J0Z Abitibi- Témiscamingue- Ouest (Guigues) J1A Coaticook J1E Sherbrooke Northeast J1G Sherbrooke East J1H Sherbrooke Central J1J Sherbrooke North J1K Sherbrooke West J1L Sherbrooke Northwest J1M Sherbrooke Southeast J1N Rock Forest J1S Windsor J1T Asbestos J1X Magog J1Z Saint-Cyrille- De-Wendover J2A Drummondville Southeast J2B Drummondville South J2C Drummondville Central J2E Drummondville Northwest J2G Granby Central J2H Granby East J2J Granby West J2K Cowansville J2L Bromont J2N Farnham J2R Saint-Hyacinthe Northwest J2S Saint-Hyacinthe Southwest J2T Saint-Hyacinthe East J2W Saint-Luc J2X Saint-Jean- sur-Richelieu East J2Y Saint-Jean- sur-Richelieu West J3A Saint-Jean- sur-Richelieu North J3B Saint-Jean- sur-Richelieu Central J3E Sainte-Julie J3G Beloeil West J3H Beloeil East J3L Chambly J3M Marieville J3N Saint-Basile- Le-Grand J3P Sorel Central J3R Sorel Southwest J3T Nicolet J3V Saint-Bruno J3X Varennes J3Y Saint-Hubert Central J3Z Saint-Hubert East J4B Boucherville J4G Longueuil North J4H Longueuil West J4J Longueuil Central J4K Longueuil Southwest J4L Longueuil Southeast J4M Longueuil East J4N Longueuil Northeast J4P Saint-Lambert North J4R Saint-Lambert Central J4S Saint-Lambert South J4T Saint-Hubert West J4V Greenfield Park J4W Brossard Northwest J4X Brossard Southwest J4Y Brossard South J4Z Brossard Northeast J5A Saint-Constant J5B Delson J5J Saint-Sophie J5K Saint-Colomban J5L Saint-Jérôme West J5M Saint-Lin- Laurentides J5R La Prairie J5T Lavaltrie J5V Louiseville J5W L'Assomption J5X L'Épiphanie J5Y Repentigny Northeast J5Z Repentigny West J6A Repentigny South J6E Joliette J6J ChÔteauguay North J6K ChÔteauguay South J6N Beauharnois J6R Mercier J6S Salaberry-de- Valleyfield North J6T Salaberry-de- Valleyfield South J6V Terrebonne East J6W Terrebonne Central J6X Terrebonne Northwest J6Y Terrebonne Southwest J6Z Sainte-Thérèse- de-Blainville Northeast J7A Sainte-Thérèse- de-Blainville East J7B Sainte-Thérèse- de-Blainville North J7C Sainte-Thérèse- de-Blainville Northwest J7E Sainte-Thérèse- de-Blainville Central J7G Sainte-Thérèse- de-Blainville South J7H Sainte-Thérèse- de-Blainville Southwest J7J Mirabel Northeast J7K Mascouche Extremities J7L Mascouche Central J7M La Plaine J7N Mirabel Southwest J7P Saint-Eustache Northeast J7R Saint-Eustache Southwest J7T Vaudreuil- Dorion RCM J7V Vaudreuil- Dorion J7X Valleyfield J7Y Saint-Jérôme North J7Z Saint-Jérôme Southeast J8A Saint-Hippolyte J8B Sainte-Adèle J8C Sainte-Agathe- Des-Monts J8E Mont-Tremblant J8G Chatham J8H Lachute J8L Buckingham J8M Masson-Angers J8N Val-des-Monts J8P Gatineau Southeast J8R Gatineau Northeast J8T Gatineau Southwest J8V Gatineau Northwest J8X Hull Southeast J8Y Hull Central J8Z Hull North J9A Hull Southwest J9B Chelsea J9E Maniwaki J9H Aylmer South J9J Aylmer North J9L Mont-Laurier J9P Val-d'Or J9T Amos J9V Ville-Marie J9X Rouyn-Noranda South J9Y Rouyn-Noranda North J9Z La Sarre S0A Yorkton Region (Melville) S0C Southeastern Saskatchewan (Carlyle) S0E Eastern Saskatchewan (Melfort) S0G South Central Saskatchewan (Fort Qu'Appelle) S0H Southern Saskatchewan (Assiniboia) S0J Northern Saskatchewan (La Ronge) S0K Central Saskatchewan (Humboldt) S0L Western Saskatchewan (Kindersley) S0M Northwestern Saskatchewan (Battleford) S0N Southwestern Saskatchewan (Maple Creek) S0P Northeastern Saskatchewan (Creighton) S2V Buena Vista S3N Yorkton S4A Estevan S4H Weyburn S4L Regina East S4N Regina Northeast and East Central S4P Regina Central S4R Regina North Central S4S Regina South Saskatchewan Provincial Government S4T Regina West S4V Regina Southeast S4W Regina Southwest S4X Regina Northwest S4Y Regina Outer Northwest S4Z Regina Northeast S6H Moose Jaw Southeast S6J Moose Jaw Northeast S6K Moose Jaw West S6V Prince Albert Central S6W Prince Albert Southwest S6X Prince Albert East S7H Saskatoon East Central S7J Saskatoon South Central S7K Saskatoon North Central S7L Saskatoon West S7M Saskatoon Southwest S7N Saskatoon Northeast Central S7P Saskatoon North S7R Saskatoon Northwest S7S Saskatoon Northeast S7T Saskatoon South S7V Saskatoon Southeast S9A North Battleford S9H Swift Current S9V Lloydminster S9X Meadow Lake Y0A Southeastern Yukon (Watson Lake) Y0B Central Yukon (Dawson City) Y1A Whitehorse

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