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Posted: Saturday, September 30, 2017 11:25 AM


Singing Lessons - Medical/Scientific Techniques Used by Health Pros

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Voice Training - Medically Proven Techniques Used by Singing & Speaking Voice Doctors Throughout North America. Those same techniques are taught to health professionals and only a few Vocal Coaches, like me.

Don't miss out on this exceptionally high level training!

Hoarseness, a tight throat, a soft/airy sounding voice, the need to force or put extra effort into producing volume is NEVER Normal. It is your body giving you signals to tell you that the voice is not being used properly and that the beginning of bad habits and possible voice damage has begun.

Let's work together to change that before it goes too far making things far more complex than they need to be.

I as a Vocal Coach and someone who specializes in the health of the voice based on my added training beyond what a vocal coach offers, can assess the pitfalls and get you moving in the right direction.

WWW.VOCALCOACH.CA 416-436-8063

I have worked with singers for decades. I hear it all the time. I love to sing but when I do, I get hoarse and need to shout to be heard. After only a few hours my voice is gone and it is sore. Some days I just want to give up. What am I doing wrong? What can I do about it?

Public speakers and people with jobs that involve a lot of talking complain about the wear and tear on their voice.

Sadly, these are all too common problems. The good news is that it is not your fault. Many people use their voice from a place of passion without having the know-how to protect it. We are encouraged to do so from other musicians, choir leaders, friends, our audience, our desire to succeed in our careers, etc. Oh yes, and because we love to belt out our favourite tunes. It is no wonder we forget that the voice is our instrument and that it is to be treated with care and respect.

Some people are born with the gift of a great sounding strong voice, but that is very rare. Most need to sharpen their skills and treat it as a craft. You need to understand how your voice functions automatically and take considerable care not to use it in a way that diminishes what it is capable of doing.

You need to take responsibility for your voice because nobody else will.

What are you doing wrong you ask? While you are probably doing many things right, I suspect you have developed one or two bad habits throwing everything off track.

Remember, the voice has the ability to get stronger and better, not deteriorate. If that is not happening you need to stop all vocal scales immediately, excessive singing/speaking, and put a plan in place to correct the issues before things get worse. That's where I come in!

FREE KICK-START VIDEOS: I have FREE Kick-Start videos at It covers area for all voice types, genders and ages. There are also articles and answers to commonly asked questions there too. It is a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn more.

My extensive background gives you an added level of expertise streamlining training using leading edge, medically proven principles.

Call me and let's start taking about your voice today -- 416-436-8063.

BIO Snapshot:
After moving to Toronto from Montreal, Donna began a journey of vocal training that connected her with coaches in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville as well as the Royal Conservatory in Toronto.

Although she found it beneficial, no one was able to offer a method that allowed her to progress to the level she felt she was capable of reaching. Repertoire work consisted of taking a piece of music and learning it phrase-by-phrase -- identical to the original piece. She felt more like an impersonator then a singer.

It was clear that the only way she would find training that would bring out her full voice and individuality, would be to develop it herself. So she did.

Learn using specific rhythms and music patterns along with the most current medically proven principals to maximize vocal technique in a way it cannot do otherwise, resulting in the voice reaching greater potential.

When Donna coaches a vocalist to develop their instrument voice and styling is used allowing the singer to explore greater vocal dimensions. Some people overlook that and simply imitate singers or styles, which never develops the voice properly and diminishes the authentic characteristics of their voice. Often they receive voice information not relevant to their specific voice gifting. This results in confusion about how to sing which does not produce results, only frustration. Donna clears up all the confusion and gets the singer on the fast track to getting the richness of the voice they know they have inside.

Her education in vocal technique and vocal health is extensive. You learn how to use your voice properly, which builds strength and allows your distinct qualities to shine through!

Donna is a member of SOCAN.

LEADING EDGE ADVANTAGE - Be on the Forefront of Voice Development using Medically Proven Principles and Advancements:

Client-centered Management for Adults Focused on Assessment and Technique - Current Evidence for the Contributions of ALERT Components 2014:

• Comprehensive Assessment and Management of voice care for professional and occupational voice users, voice disorders, psychopathology of voice disorders, muscle misuse, pitch change, and the irritable larynx.
• Client-centered approach to assessment examines the four fundamental areas of voice function since they may contribute, in varying degrees, to causing or perpetuating symptoms that culminate in laryngeal dysfunction, recognizing the nature of interactions among four key factors.
• Potential interactions with primary or secondary anatomical features such as injuries, diseases, lifestyle, reflux, and aging processes.
• Management Procedures -- Prioritize diagnostic and treatment process.
• Techniques used in individual and group programs.
• Clinical example selections of treatment priorities for specific anatomical and muscle misuse factors.

Vancouver General Hospital Pacific Voice Clinic, multidisciplinary clinic ALERT model as it relates to the voice and larynx.

I am grateful for all the mentors and doctors who have contributed to this particularly the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center - The Voice Group, Contemporary Voice Care, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center whose distinctive course offering on the singing voice significantly enhances my role as a Vocal Coach and Singing Voice Specialist. This journey into higher learning of the voice began in 2006 and continues today. Topics learned include but not limited to are:

• Laryngeal Stroboscopy
• Transnasal Esophagoscopy
• Functional Endoscopic Evaluations of Swallowing
• Phono Microsurgery
• Laryngeal Framework Surgery
• Vocal Fold Injection
• Contemporary Voice Therapy

Voice Strain/Hoarseness, Vocal Nodes, and Burnout: My training through the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the University of Pittsburgh Voice Group means I can work directly with doctors to help you overcome voice problems faster and help singers relearn how to sing so a re-injury, which is common, does not occur. Because vocal technique is stopped immediately when strain and other voice concerns begin, medically safe voice work is introduced to rehabilitate the voice and keep the singer from digressing too far. Often, singers are not sure if they have vocal nodes but that can all be determined during a regular vocal lesson.

WHOLE BRAIN LEARNING - Educational Kinesiology Certification: Educational Kinesiology helps students leverage their training and tap into more of their potential through the balance between the technical and creative mind. It helps with memory retention and recall, and is used to speed up learning.

• This approach to learning is used in over 90 countries and translated in over 50 languages by companies such as Reebok, Chapters-Indigo, Ralph Lauren Footwear, York University, McMaster University, University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto Teachers Education Program to name a few. Keeping a balance between learned skills and artistry while singing is essential to bringing out the best sound, and full voice of the singer.

A Little About Me:
I assist in many audition processes for vocalists for EMI Records, Canadian Idol, award winning producers and the Hummingbird Centre to name just a few. I have worked with vocalists from Sony/Curve and EMI Records preparing for recording, performing and touring.

My work has been published in the book The Perfect Rehearsal written by Dr. Timothy Seelig, PhD from the USA in his book entitled The Perfect Rehearsal in the chapter Vocal Health in Rehearsal. I am the only Canadian voice expert asked to contribute to his book so I am very appreciative to have been included in a book written by a man of his stature and musical accomplishments. In addition, I have had my writings and articles published over 240 times worldwide.

I have facilitated Voice Clinics at the Mohawk College -- Careers in Music Conference, Corporate Public Speaking Conferences, and facilitated training sessions for artists with stage fright, and anxiety issues.

My personal voice training background has exposed me to all aspects of the human voice and all music genres. I have trained privately through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, have extensive training in Speech Singing and have attended the University of Pittsburgh's Contemporary Voice Care Group training to help others maintain and rehabilitate the health of their voices.
Also, I work with transgender people to help them transition their voice from one gender to another without sounding artificial. It is a sensitive process but I want to mention that so you can see the extent of what is possible with the human voice when it gets the right direction. It's remarkable! (even the most difficult voice will not be too challenging to realize massive change)

My approach is holistic, comprehensive, and best of all it is FUN!

What my students are up to:

Humanitarian and Artist: and

Singing For Fun -- Teen Hobby:

Soul Country:


Swing Band:

Call me today at 416-436-8063. One lesson with me is like ten somewhere else!

Donna Flynn
Vocal Coach
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